How do I add and change the quantity/weight/volume?

Created: 2018-11-08
Last updated: 2018-11-08
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There are three ways of adding quantity, weight, or volume to items:
  • While typing an item, enter the number of the amount you want - Listonic will recognize that it refers to the quantity or amount and will automatically add it to the item. The number should be typed in before the item, e.g., “2l milk”, “500g tomatoes”, or “3 apples”.
  • Tap the item you want to add from the “Popular” or “History” tabs multiple times - the more times you tap the “+” next to an item, the higher quantity you get. By tapping on “-/x” on the right side, you can lower that number.
  • Edit an item - After an item is added to your list you can edit it. Swipe its name part way from right to left to see list options. Tap the square with the pencil icon to edit the item. In the edit view you can change the item’s quantity, weight, or volume.


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