How do I add prices?

Created: 2017-02-07
Last updated: 2019-01-30
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To add prices you have to:
  • Tap the “More Actions” (…) button in the upper right corner and choose the “Show prices” option.
  • The category icons will be replaced with fields where you can enter prices.
  • Tap on the field in order to add the price
  • You can tap the “last price” button to automatically fill this field with suggested price, or enter the new one.

The price can be easily edited by pressing on it and then entering the new number. The total for unchecked and checked items is displayed at the bottom of the list.

If you want to multiply prices and quantities, please remember to turn on the multiplication option in the app settings.

Listonic can automatically fill the prices for you. You can turn on this feature in the app settings.



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