How do I add a quantity to an item?

Created: 2017-02-07
Last updated: 2017-07-25
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You can add a quantity to every product on the list. Listonic will multiply the quantities and prices to give you the exact total of your shopping list.

There are three ways of adding quantities:

  • When you type items in, you can add numbers and units, and Listonic will automatically recognize and assign them to the corresponding fields in the product description e.g. 3 apples, 0,5 kg flour, 3 l Sprite.
  • If you add products from the Recent, Popular or Item Catalog quick lists, press the “+” button on the left side. To reduce the quantity, press the “-” or “x” buttons.
  • Long press the item on your list and choose the “pencil” button - then you can edit the item and add the quantity and unit.
If you want to quickly change the quantity that is already on the list, you can press the “quantity” on the right side of the item. You will be automatically moved into edit item view.


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